MICT is responsible for 9 State Owned Enterprises (SOEs), out of which 6 are Authorities and 1 Commission established and governed by their respective Acts. However MICT is still mandated to oversee the performance of the following Corporations and Government owned enterprises:

Kiribati Ports Authority (KPA)

The KPA is established under the Kiribati Ports Authority Act 1990 and commenced its operation on the 10th January 2010 for the following purposes:

  • To provide and maintain adequate and efficient port services and facilities in ports or the approaches to ports
  • To regulate and control navigation within ports
  • To promote the use, improvement and development of ports
  • To coordinate all activities of or within ports.


Communication Commission of Kiribati (CCK)

CCK, formerly the Telecommunication Authority of Kiribati, was established under the Communication Act 2013 to oversee and implement the Act. The main function of the Commission is mainly to regulate the telecommunications industry in Kiribati. In addition CCK manages the Country domain name, dot KI, and the Country code, 686.


Air Kiribati Limited (AKL)

AKL was established on 1st April 1995 following the liquidation of Air Tungaru, its mother airline. Its primary objective is to serve the domestic air service needs of the Government and the people of Kiribati. In addition to improving its service to the travelling public at both national and international levels, AKL is also aiming to be self-reliant in its operations with minimal or no Government subsidy. AKL is currently in the process of renewing and improving its fleet, with reconditioned twin otter aircrafts. Currently, it has acquired 1 reconditioned twin otter aircraft and awaiting the 2nd twin otter.


Kiribati National Shipping Line (KNSL)

The Kiribati National Shipping Line (KNSL) is the only Government owned shipping company that provide shipping service in Kiribati prior to the entry of the private sector. It currently focuses on providing shipping services on a monthly shipping service to all islands in the Gilbert Group. KNSL which was re-organised in 2018, has an important role and responsibility as an arm of Government to provide a responsive and appropriate shipping service to the people of Kiribati by supporting and implementing relevant national socio-economic policies and programme.


Broadcasting and Publications Authority (BPA)

The Broadcasting and Publication Authority is a statutory body formally established in 1979 which commenced public transmissions over Radio Kiribati since 1952. Its main role is to provide local sound broadcasting as a public service for the dissemination of information, education, and entertainment and to produce, print, and distribute the national newspaper “Te Uekera”, and other authorized publications” [Cap 6A: II (2) (a) & (b)].


BwebwerikiNet Limited (BNL)

BwebwerikiNet Ltd (BNL) represents the Government’s interest to support and improve voice and data telecommunications network in the Outer Islands, an international submarine cable venture with government entities from Nauru and FSM, the East Micronesia Cable System, and also provides needed support to the establishment of an international submarine cable venture with Southern Cross, the Southern Cross (NEXT)


Airport Kiribati Authority (AKA)

The Airport Kiribati Authority was established in 2019 under the Airport Act 2019. AKA manages two international airports in Kiribati; one on South Tarawa and one on Kiritimati Island. In addition, there are 19 airports in the outer islands which are used for domestic services, mostly made of reef-mud and require upgrading and additional maintenance work to improve the deteriorating runway surface conditions, to support frequent air operations and to meet the traveling demand.

Civil Aviation Authority of Kiribati (CAAK)

The Civil Aviation Authority of Kiribati (CAAK) was first established as a corporate body in 2015 under the Civil Aviation Act that aims to achieve a cohesive, safe, responsive, and sustainable regulatory system for air transportation in Kiribati, its focus is to establish a safe and secure skies for I-Kiribati and tourists. In an evolving aviation industry, the CAAK is facing challenges as it continues to respond to an increased need for the regulatory and security services to keep people safe and secure.

Kiribati Land Transport Authority (KLTA)

The Kiribati Land Transport Authority (KLTA) is a corporate entity responsible for the administration and regulatory of vehicle licenses, driving licenses, and all activities that are within the premises of the highway, including road blocks and feeder roads.