The Government Printing is a division of MICT established to offer and deliver printing services to Government ministries, divisions and to the general public.  Its main facility is located in Bairiki behind the Broadcasting & Publication  Authority (BPA) and opposite to the Taxation of the Ministry of Finance.  It is manned by a team of 16 people playing different roles and responsibilities.



  • On Demand and fast printing on small quantity of booklets
  • Mass production and reproduction of book products and publications
  • Repair and maintenance service on damaged and old books.
  • Production of marking stamps for official and important documents
  • Hardcover bookbinding as usually applied to PSC instruments, discharge book, and other important documents
  • Provide advice and assistance in connection to new printing projects




GPD prepares and produces the following major stationeries for all ministries and divisions

  • GRP
  • LPO
  • PF24 and other Postal Stationeries
  • Toll fare for Nippon Causeway
  • Parliament minute, journal and others
  • General election stationeries
  • Statistics bulletin and other stationeries
  • Phyto Fisheries
  • Phyto Agriculture
  • Seafarers Discharge book and other marine books
  • Budget and ER booklets
  • Taxation and books
  • Immigration and custom arrival form
  • Application forms for passport
  • Any government publications from various Ministries

GPD also produces stationeries to outer island councils as follows

  • LC1
  • LC7
  • Driving licenses
  • Disc
  • Ballot papers for election and referendum


Private Customers and The General Public

GPD extends service to the public in producing customised and personalised stationeries based on specification and preference of a customer.