Training and certification of seafarers

The Marine Division is responsible for setting the standard of the Kiribati seafarers and fishers through training schemes offered at the Marine Training Centre. It ensures the training output is solely in compliance with the IMO Conventions, i.e., the STCW 78 (as amended) and the STCW-F respectively. It continues to work closely with the MTC and other key national stakeholders to put compliance in place and to foresee the needs for training development to endure position in the global maritime market.

The Division carries out its essential tasks using its Quality Management System as key to succeed in all registration and licensing works.

The work involves the following: 

  • Approval of maritime institutes to carry out trainings and certifications;
  • Approval of pre-sea training schemes, courses and syllabuses; and
  • Approval of training personnel and training simulators

Registration and licensing of seafarers

The registrar maintains a reliable source for verification of the Kiribati seafarers in compliance with the recommended by the STCW Convention. Now available online is an electronic database to assist in verifying the authenticity and validity of certificates of competency and endorsements issued by Kiribati.

Our services reach the following areas:

  • Application for a seaman’s discharge book;
  • Issuance of a seaman’s discharge book;
  • Medical fitness certificate (Medical fitness examination forms, List of approved doctors); 
  • Approval of sea time and experience for upgrading courses (SOLAS and Non-SOLAS);
  • Conducting oral examinations for deck and engine certificate of competency (National levels only); and
  • Endorsement of certificate of competency (National levels only) and endorsement of a replacement in the case of a loss certificate of competency

Recognition of certificate of competency/proficiency issued by other states

To meet its obligations as a flag state in the manning of Kiribati flagged vessels, the Marine Division authenticates and issues certificates of recognition and relevance as applicable to seafarers who hold such documents issued by other states. All seafarers who are intending or contracted to work on any Kiribati flagged vessel must enquire more information.

Such vessels are categorised as:

  • Domestic vessels vessels operating domestically within the Kiribati waters
  • Foreign vessels vessels operating within foreign and international waters

More information will be available by contacting the following email contacts:

Small boat registration

Small boat owners are required to register their boat at the Marine Division office in Betio during workings hours or complete the application form online.  Upon completion of the application form, the Marine Division will carry out a site visit to do a boat inspection.

To see the checklist of small craft survey, please click here   

For more information about the Marine Division's services please visit their website: