Policy Administration and Support Services division provides administrative support and advice for the efficient operation of the Ministry.  It undertakes operational management, including human resources, corporate planning, and policy development and planning of MICT activity, including budget management, building maintenance, registry services and support services.


MICT has been assigned to assume the following functions in line with Government Policies;

  • Policy development in Communications and Transport
  • Regulation of Communications and Transport (Land, Aviation & Maritime) sectors
  • Space and upper space management and policies
  • Government Printery
  • Postal and Philatelic Services
  • Transport Services
  • Roads and Highway Code
  • Civil Aviation
  • Airport Fire and Security
  • Air terminal facilities and services
  • Air services agreements
  • Marine and Aeronautical Guard
  • Search and Rescue
  • Shipping registration and licensing
  • Navigational Infrastructure
  • Reef Passages
  • Air Kiribati Ltd
  • Kiribati Shipping Services Ltd
  • Communication Commission of Kiribati
  • Kiribati Ports Authority
  • Public Broadcasting Authority