About MICT

The Ministry of Information, Communication and Transport is a government ministry dedicated to creating and maintaining efficient communication and transport systems. Its mission is to connect people and places through sustainable and innovative technologies, driving progress and empowering the future. The Ministry develops and implements policies, initiatives and, programs that ensure a safe, reliable, and accessible infrastructure for all.


MICT has been assigned to assume the following functions in line with Government Policies:

  • Policy development in Communications and Transport
  • Marine and Aeronautical Guard.
  • Search and Rescue
  • Regulation of Communications and Transport (Land, Aviation & Maritime) sectors.
  • Space and upper space management and policies.
  • Shipping registration and licensing.
  • Postal and Philatelic Services.
  • Navigational infrastructure.
  • Transport Services.
  • Reef Passages.
  • Roads and Highway Code.
  • Air Kiribati Ltd.
  • Civil Aviation.
  • Kiribati Shipping Services Ltd.
  • Airport Fire and Security.
  • Communication Commission of Kiribati.
  • Air Terminal facilities and services.
  • Kiribati Ports Authority.
  • Air services agreements
  • Public Broadcasting Authority.

Organisation Functional Chart 

Org chart


The Policy Administration Office is the backbone of effective governance, orchestrating the development and implementation of crucial policies.
The Digital Transformation Office (DTO) drives government innovation, streamlining services, and enhancing citizen experiences through digital transformation.
The Marine Office takes charge of maritime affairs, ensuring safety, sustainability, and efficiency on our seas.
The Postal Office bridges distances with the power of connection, delivering messages and parcels with unwavering reliability.
The Printery embodies the artistry of words and images, crafting tangible stories in a digital world.
State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) stand as pillars of national progress, blending public interest with commercial acumen.